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Vermille video triptych


Vermille video triptych, 3 video editions, 1080 p, 50 minutes 12 seconds, silence, 2018, black frame 25 x 25 x 4 cm.
Software Obscur, programming language C.
Acknowledgment : François Pêcheux.

Vermille, a real time art piece made from the performance Rouge à venir (2011-2012), is structured around warm tints (red, orange, yellow) and a few counterpoints (green, turquoise, grey). 7 sequences succeed once another, each composed by 4 levels, where pivot values vary. Meanwhile, during the long run of the infinite calculi, other parameters progress : intensity and clearness of the colored lights, slowness, volume and visibility of the moving surface. Light positions are controlled according to combinatorics and some light arbitrary random of trajectories.
The Omni-Vermille_3v triptych brings together 3 synchronous video cycles of 50 minutes 12 seconds, produced according to different levels and parameters.
It prefigures different real time installations, from 2 to n screens, with or without music.
The first real time configuration takes place at ZKM_Karlsruhe, from 12 March till 26 April 2020, at night on the 2 outdoor facades in angle, in 6 synchronous projections each 3.5m (being more than 20 m wide), accompanied by Jean-Jacques Birgé's music.

Picture Sarah Roshem, Rose Apothéose exhibition, Galerie Charlot, 15 November 2018.

Video editions Except 1, 1 minute, silence Except 2, 1 minute 20, silence Excerpt 3, 1 minute 30, silence
In these video excerpts, the 3 frames were put closer in order to stay in the video picture, 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Omni-Vermille, 2 tests with 3 screens each, 2019