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Some Skin Is Still Spreading, in Aform, animation, 30 seconds, 1989-90
ATI, Paris 8 University, software Anyflo (conception Michel Bret).

Aform was born out of a working group with Françoise Raulo (Infinite Millimeter) and Janvier Payrard (Raster-Weft). Concepts were discussed and chosen together. Realisations deliberately remained individual (each lasts 30 seconds).
Flat forms, laid out in "all over", with blurred outlines, intentionally contrasted to perspective and to the perfection of 3D computer-generated images. I realised that my images evoked living tissues, skin surfaces. They were speaking of a body.
It then appeared necessary, almost urgent, for me to go into this theme in depth, in relation to the computer.

Video excerpt. 30 secondes, 320x240 pixels




Fragments - Solitude de formes, 1990, Saint-Denis
Text I wrote looking at Aform images coming.