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Into the Hollow of Darkness
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ye-Ocean, mono-screen real time 3D animation, silence, 2004-2007

Technical phases 2002 - 2008
Illustrations 2003 - 2005
Eye-Ocean in town

.... Performance (of Eye-Ocean)
Downloadable versions

Second part of Into the Hollow of Darkness, no sensor interaction, visual part of Beyond-Round.
Residence LeCube - Art3000 (September 03 - January 06), Interface-Z support.

Computergenerated image, real time animation (non recorded), silence
1 PC, 1 video projector (for a dark room) or 1 flat screen.
Possible intervention of the artist with the keyboard
Variable size of the image according to the space and devices
Variable length of the animation : one hour to several days/weeks

Two light spots, one black, as a hole, the other variably colored, slowly evolve, uniting, separating, dissolving, reviving... on a surface which moves with slow waves or with strong swirls, evoking a body-cosmos-landscape.

Images saved in february 2006

The code continuously generates various phenomena according to programmed parameters combinatory, and their slow evolution.

, 2005, Paris (Bit'-code)
From the programm that generates the color changes of Into the Hollow of darkness and Eye-Ocean
text in pdf

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