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Into the Hollow of Darkness
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Beyond-Round. (Lentir, sentir, sondre).
Third and last stage of Into the Hollow of Darkness, Interactive panoramic version.
Real time 3D animation, interaction, immersion, silence, 2003-2012.
Cylindrical screen or 4 screens like 4 walls, 4 video projectors, 1 computer, 1 sensor device.

Beyond-Round is based on the exploration of non-realistic virtual light phenomena, on the experimentation of
the peripheral visual field, and on a counter-intuitive interaction (the enhance of slowless).
Short presentation text and graph
"Image, Device, Interaction. Perception Plays in Beyond-Round", 2010 (see Articles).

Interaction 2003 - 2008
Illustrations 2008
Video documentations, 2008, 2009, 2011
Residency-exhibition, Pixel-Transversaux, Sèvres, September 2009
ZKM_Kubus exhibition, Karlsruhe, August-September 2011
Le Chaplin exhibition, Mantes-la-Jolie, May-June 2012
Exhibition at RuArts Gallery, Moscow, June-July 2015
Cube retrospective exhibition, Issy-les-Moulineaux, January-July 2018
Exhibition at the Old Church, Maisons-Laffitte, January 2020

Residency Institute for Visual Media, ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe (October 06 - in progress),
with support of Interface-Z.

Cylindrical screen (diametre 3.5 m)
Permanent, for tests, ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe, Germany, and the cylindrical screen constructed on same dimensions during the Residency in La Générale en Manufacture, Sèvres, 21st September - 3rd October 2009.



Interaction, shots from outside of the screen, cylindrical screen, La Générale en Manufacture, 2009
The form (the image comes from Eye-Ocean) moves on the screen surrounding the viewer according to his/her behaviour. Graph
Secondary ligths on the ground were necessary because of the dark shot.


Camera Yro Yto, La Générale en Manufacture, Sèvres, September-October 2009.


Team :

Francis Bras, Interface-Z (2003 - 2008) : running help, sensor device (4 prototypes) ;
Anthoni Schiochet, trainee (May 2005 - September 2005 and May 2007), student in computer sciences, 4th year, Ecole Centrale d'Electronique, Paris : calibration programm for the camera and the screen ;
Didier Bouchon, Atelier d'Art 3000 - Le Cube (Automn 2003 - January 2006, 2007) : supervision, tests, interaction parameters coding, panorama development, etc.
Anne-Sarah Le Meur, Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne University, Fine Art Department : conception, project leader, test and image creation, research on interaction (basic rules, scenario, determination of central parameters, of thresholds) ; insertion in the generative version ; home and ZKM tests, website and communication, etc.

Interaction, shots from the inside of the screen
Once the form tamed, micro-movements of the head modify its colors.
Camera Yro Yto, September-October 2009.




"Home" simulation of the 360 degres panorama on a 37 inches screen, Jully 2008.
See Interaction 03-08.


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