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Images 3D counter-nature, in « Hybrid Dialogue : Images and Natures », Studyday 25 May 2018, Museu Universitário de Arte MUnA, Uberlândia, Brasil. Organisation Nikoleta Kerinska, Uberlândia University.

Artistic 3D Images : Biomorphisms and organic matters, Talk-projection, selection of internationnal artworks by diverse artists generations, 27 April 2018, Museu Universitário de Arte MUnA, Uberlândia, Brasil. Organisation Nikoleta Kerinska, Uberlândia University. Published in Ouvirouver.

The fine artistic 3D image
, work in progress and projection of an international selection of 3D image by Anne-Sarah Le Meur, 22 Febrauary 2018, Le Cube, Issy-les-Moulineaux. Organisation Carine Le Malet, Le Cube.

From Code to Cosmos. Magical Thinking and Alchemy in my Creation Process of 3D Image, in « Digital Magic », colloquium, 13-14 November 2017, H2H/Les arts trompeurs. Machines, magie, médias - UPL - PEM in particular. To be published.

Beyond-Round. Counter-Intuitive Interactivity and Body Involvement
, in « The Actor through Digital Prism : Human Body, Digital Avatar and Living Arts », Studydays, 27-28 October 2016, Paris 8 University - Maison des Sciences de l’Homme Paris Nord.

To Look at or To Move-Act ? Plasticity and Temporality in Interactive Artworks", in Pictorial Pratices n° 2, online review, Acte Institut (CNRS - Paris 1 University), June 2016.

Artist Talk, in Summer Festival, Proekt Fabrika, Moscow, Russia, July 2015

3D Images in Love
, Le Cube, Issy-les-Moulineaux, June 2015

To Look at or to Move-Act. Temporality and Pictoriality in Interactive Art Pieces, 2nd study day 'SLOW DOWN PAINTING', Acte-CNRS Institut, Université Paris 1, mai 2015

Text Presence in Digital Arts
, MUDO, Musée de l'Oise, Beauvais, april 2015

My Approach. 3D Image and corporeality.
Michel Sicard
's Seminar, Paris 1 University, November 2014.

Temporalité abstraite
(Abstract Temporality), Anne-Sarah Le Meur interviewed by Natalia Smolianskaïa, in [re]penser les langages de l'art, dir. Natalia Smoliankaïa, E-magazine Rue Descartes, n° 80, 2014/1.

For an Absurd Way to Create 3D Image !
invited by Michael Bielicky, Institut for postdigital narratives, University of Arts and Design (HfG), Karlsruhe, Germany, May 2014.

3D Image and Programming: Artistic Twist
, invited by Miguel Almiron, EVMAN degree, Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée University, Februar 2014.

Body, Numbers, Light : Colour Phenomena of Eye-Ocean.

Russich translation (Natalia Smolianskaïa), in Media: Between Magic and Technology. Edited by Nina Sosna and Ksenia Fedorova. Moscow-Ekaterinburg: Armchair Scientist, Russia, 2013. pp. 19-37.
... in CREATE Symposium (Colour Research for European Advanced Technology Employment), Charleville-Mézières, France, 21rst-24th February 2008 ;
... in Ulster Festival of Art & Design, Faculty of Art, Design and the Built Environment, Ulster University, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 6th June 2008 ;
... English version, in Digital Art, VRIC Conference Proceedings, Laval Virtual, April 2009, 414 p. ;
... French Version, in Communication, Organisation, Symboles, MEI n° 29, direction Claudine Batazi and Céline Masoni Lacroix, Editions L'Harmattan, March 2009, 216 p.

Beyond-Round, Counter-intuitive Interaction. Fictions and Interactions Seminar, Acte-CNRS Institut, Paris 1 University, December 2013.

To Learn to See the World, written interview, in the e-mag of ArtsHebdoMedias, Art & Sciences special number, October 2013.

Ligth-Thresholds, Dialogue with Maria Cosatto, Espace Culturel Multimédia Le Chaplin, Mantes-la-Jolie, Yvelines, Ile-de-France, June 2012

, in Dap, Devices that Alter Perception,
Carson Reynolds Editor, Japan, 2011. Sold online.

Image, Device, Interaction. Perception Plays in Outre-Ronde
, (french version)
Mobil/and Symposium, Superior School of Art and Design, Saint-Étienne, France, 13th May 2008.
in From split-screen to multi-screen. Spatially distributed video-cinematic narration, supervised Marcin Sobieszczanski and Céline Masoni Lacroix, Editions Peter Lang, November 2010

To Program the Image : Dynamic and Dangers for the Artistic Invention, (french version)

Eureka, The moment of invention, Paris 8 Vincennes – Saint-Denis University / Superior School of Industrial Physics and Chemestry, 31rst Mai - 1rst June 2007.
in Eurêka, « Arts 8 » Collection, L’Harmattan, November 2008, 312 pages.

The Line Alternative by Computer Generated Art,
Drawing Without Paper, Maubuisson Abbaye / Cerap (2005) ;
Publications de la Sorbonne, March 2009, p. 206-219.

Realising and Diffusing a Real Time 3D Panorama - An Artist's Way, demo-conference, Pierre Mendes France Space, Poitiers, 2006, unpublished.

In-Bees-Tw'…, A 3D Computer Artwork, (french version)
(Ph.D excerpt, Paris 8 University, 1999),
Spatialisation in Art and Humanities, direction Marcin Sobieszczanski, Peeters Publishers, 2004, p. 171-210. (french pdf)

Into the Hollow of Darkness, Realising a 3D Interactive Environment,
original version slightly modified
ISEA2002, Oray, Nagoya, Japan.
in Leonardo, Vol. 37, n° 3, USA, 2004, p. 204-209, 215.

3D Images and Sexuality,
ISEA2000, Paris, december 2000,
3D-Bilder und Sexualität,
in Das Alte und das Neue, Frauen und Film, n° 64, Germany, 2004, p. 145-153

The Representation of the Human Being in 3D Images (french pdf),
in Anomalie, n° 1, "From Body to Avatar", November 2000, p. 82-90.

Experimenting with Computer - Generated Images (french pdf),
in Notebooks of Digital, Direction Jean-Pierre Balpe, Hermès, Vol 1 - n°4, Paris, November 2000, p. 145-165.

Computer Art : Resistence of the Body,
ISEA1999, Invençao, Sao Paulo, Bresil.

Programming : Can it be Art ?,
in 9th Film and Television Symposium, 1997, Université Bauhaus Weimar, Germany, p. 328-334.

The Systematic Garden,
Der Systematische Garten,
in Wachsen, n°2, Summer 1996, Bauhaus Weimar University, Germany, p. 33-39.

Still Image, Animation, Virtual Reality : the Decay,
in Nov'Art, n° 9, November 1992-January 1993, Paris, p. 14-15.