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1990, Aform, Some Skin Is Still Spreading, video, Fragments - Solitude de formes
1990-1993, Outgest
1994, In-Bees-Tw'..., french article, video, L'accélérateur de création
2000 - 2010, Into the Hollow of Darkness, english article
2001, Where It Wants To Appear/Suffer, video, archive, Joy of programming language
2007, Eye-Ocean, generative piece, archive, french article, runnable, animation, Le ic, Boude-code
2009, Grey-moire (performance), still images, video excerpt, music Kumiko Omura
2 010, Creased Stria (performance), still images, video
2010, Bluent (performance), still images
2011, Red to come (performance), still images, Opus 2, 2016, video
2003-2017, Beyond-Round, article (in french), invitation card, video, interview (ZKM_Karlsruhe, 2011)
2015-2018, Vermille, generative piece, silence.
2018-2019, Omni-vermille, multi-screen (from 2 to 4), generative piece or recorded video piece, silence. Excepts of the video triptych.
2018, Rose Apothéose, generative piece, video excerpt, silence.

Press release, Galerie Charlot : for 2012, for 2014, for 2016, for 2018