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Into the Hollow of Darkness
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Performances, Grey-Moire
(of Eye-Ocean), Creased Stria, Bluent, and Red to come
.... Technical phases 2002 - 2008
.... Illustrations 2003 - 2005
.... Eye-Ocean in town
.... Downloadable versions

Performances, real time 3D image, variable length, variable music or silence, 2009 - 2011
Grey-Moire, then Creased Stria, Blouante, Red to Come are excressences of Eye-Ocean.
They explore some of its ideas/brainwaves that couldn't have been used : effects of 3 virtual lights,
visibility thresholds (light background, transparency), all over and creased surface,
and varie arround grey, dark or high tones.
Pictures of Kumiko Omura's concert
Black exploration (unshown)
Creased Stria
Red to come

Grey-Moire, initiated for the piece Double Contour of the japanese composer Kumiko Omura, resident at the Institute for Music & Acoustics,
ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, Germany.
Program in german.
Premiere 19th March 2009
, 8 PM, Kumiko Omura Portrait-Concert, ZKM | Kubus.
Grey-Moire, still images, computer captured, April 2009.

NB : The grey tinte (more or less dark, more or less green) varies according to your screen settings.


Grey-Moire, Pictures of Kumiko Omura's Portrait concert
, ZKM | Kubus, Karlsruhe, 19 March 2009
Kai Hanneken, movie camera ; Tom Zielen, photographer.

Double Contour, 13 minutes, 2000 - 2008
For violoncello and live electronic
Francesco Dillon, violoncello
Kumiko Omura, live electronic
Anne-Sarah Le Meur, real time 3D image

Introduction session to the concert, ZKM | Lecture Hall.
From the left to the right : Anne-Sarah Le Meur, Kumiko Omura, Ludger Brümmer (director of the Institute), Hiei.

Beginning of Double Contour and end of the concert, ZKM_Kubus.
Anne-Sarah Le Meur, Francesco Dillon, Hiei, Rie Watanabe, Pedro Bittencourt, Kumiko Omura.

Stills from Grey-moire out of the video recording of the concert.
NB : The blue tinte is caused by the low light during the shot, it should be grey.


Black exploration, still images, computer captured, November 2009

Exploration of the potentialities of the third light while darkening the lighted surface
NB : Colors and visibility of these very dark images depend on your screen settings.


Creased Stria, Performance, still images, computer captured, January 2010

Tests for the performance of 'Enlarge you Sax', conception Pedro Bittencourt,
26th February 2010, ZKM | Kubus, Karlsruhe, Germany (Program in german)
The mesh has been widened to cover the whole space of the screen. To modify its structure allows to change the orientation
of the lignes, or 'stria', built by the movement alterations.
Video excerpt. 3 minutes, 320x240 pixels
NB : Colors and contrasts of these images depend on your screen settings.


Bluent, Performance, still images, computer rendered, December 2010

Blue series with high parameters
Berlanga room, Madatac, Madrid, Spain


Performance Red to Come, still images, computer rendered, February 2011
Red series with high parameters
Work in progress, Premiere in I-R-L Evening, Centre Mercoeur, Paris, 2011



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