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Into the Hollow of Darkness
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, Technical phases, 2002 - 2008
.... Illustrations 2003 - 2005
.... Eye-Ocean in town
.... Performance (of Eye-Ocean)
.... Downloadable versions

Second stage of Into the Hollow of Darkness
First technical phase
( and 2003 archive) : spring 2002 - automn 2003 : realisation of a "home" working environment with computer scientist students. Tests, research of textures (archive) and discovery of the black light.
Second technical phase
: September 2003 - January 2006 : Continuing the project with Atelier d'Art 3000 - LeCube.
: diffusion of the (non interactive) generative version

First phase :

- June 2002 - Summer 2003 :
Collaboration with Gilles Baptest and Grégory Daniel, students in EPITEC.
Realisation of an environment of creation, programming language C++ / OpenGl.
My thanks to Arnaud Muthelet (Simteam) and Didier Verna (EPITA) for overseeing this stage.

Development of the sensor for the motion capture : Interface-Z.

Winter 2002 - Spring 2003, "home" sofware tests, research of textures ( 2003 archive).




The control of their texture colours was not good enough, and their esthetic too close to a former research, these images were not kept for the project.

Discovery of black lights, summer 2003





Le ic, 2003, 4 p., Paris. Text of the same periode as the images above.
french text in html

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Second phase :

- September 2003 :
Continuing to develop, C, C++ / OpenGl.
Collaborating with Didier Bouchon, computer scientist and technical director of Atelier d'Art3000 - LeCube.
Residence LeCube - Art3000, Espace de création numérique de la Ville d'Issy-Les-Moulineaux, and Interface-Z.

Images, automn 2004







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Finalisation :
Diffusion of the (non interactive) generative version, 2005 - 2007

" Refining" the executable Eye-Ocean, usable in mono-screen performance
Jannuary 2006 : downloadable once a month ;
November 2006 : portage of the executable in Java (for Mac and Linux systems), runable on line (Anthoni Schiochet).

For her legal help, my thanks to : Anne-Laure Stérin

Images, fall 2004

Colors adjusting tests on a big screen in a dark room, LeCube, 2005 :

2003 archive (before the black light)

Illustrations (calm serie and animations)


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