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Into the Hollow of Darkness
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Second stage of Into the Hollow of Darkness
Calm series
, suite of images in time, Automn 2004
Small animations
, March 2005
Big animation, 14 minutes, Vimeo, 2005

Calm series, suite of images in time, Automn 2004
Two lights go away untill disappear, then come again while changing color. The form-support is itself animated with light ondulations.





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Small animations
: March 2005

QuickTime player and good connexion required.

These video sequences were constructed from straight successions of automatically recorded images while real time computing of the programme. They were then reanimated in .mov for the net diffusion.
The necessary compression greatly decreases the quality of colours and movements. These sequences aim only to give an impression of the visual and dynamic potential of the work.


Debros (2.9 Mo) . Griserose (1 Mo)

I wrote a programme (code, see for example Bit'-code, 2005) which manages and controls complex gearings of parameter variations ("combinatory of narrow variable swinging states"). A variation has repercussions on another one, but each keeps its own shifted speed. Some index values are chosen at random, because they act only on the permutation of the other variables - which are the most important, those that determine what is "visible".
The executable can thus "run" whole days without strictly identical phenomena repeating.
Moreover, the code is so constructed that I can modify, via the keyboard, while computing and displaying, conceivably while interacting with a viewer, or a dancer (equiped with a sensor), some parameters, with or without discontinuities in generated phenomena.

Sombre (7.5 Mo) . Oeiljaunremou (5.2 Mo)

Sep (3.2 Mo) . Vertrembl (2.3 Mo)

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